Julie Vanarelli, BS, LMT, FAFS, CPT

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Julie began her journey into the health world very early on as an avid athlete. She was a top ten state ranked lacrosse goalie and competitive swimmer for over 10 years. She began coaching lacrosse and swimming in high school and immediately knew what her life’s purpose was – educating and coaching people to healthier and happier lives through movement. Treating her own injuries and unwilling to accept the commonly given advice that “if it hurts, don’t use it.” developed into a hunger to learn more about the body: how it works, how it heals, and what it takes to move as efficiently as possible.

Her passion for helping others combined with a deep love of human movement and anatomy led her to obtaining a degree in Exercise Science. After graduating, she quickly started to notice something absent in the rehab field. Many clients’ recovery processes would be put to a halt after insurance finished covering the cost. She decided she wanted to help those patients reach their recovery goals and surpass the fitness goals they may not have known were possible. This led to her enrollment in massage school as well as completing a fellowship with the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation. As Julie continues down the path of continuing education in this expanding field, she becomes more passionate in her pursuit of helping others whose lives and hobbies are limited by pain and discomfort. She is completely dedicated to the foremost practice of professionalism and client care. Julie combines soft tissue therapy, movement and client education to give each individual the tools to move more efficiently, feel better and take control over their mind, body and life. This is the reason she wakes up in the morning!

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