Fitness Specialties


626 creates an effective, approach to help anyone reach their personal fitness + wellness goals. Whether your goal is to increase energy, feel stronger, improve balance, prevent injury, increase sport performance, or lower body fat,  the professionals at 626  have the knowledge and experience to work with you on attaining those goals.

We apply the principals of Applied Functional Science to the to guide the process of our functional assessment. These principals are practical for all individuals regardless of age or ability. After a thorough assessment, we will determine and recommend  the proper services to help you attain and maximize your overall goals.

The 626 Assessment will include:

  • Reviewing your health, lifestyle and nutrition history

  • Identify your overall goals

  • Identifying postural imbalances

  • Determine core – trunk strength

  • Joint integrity

  • Access stability and balance


To accomplish these goals, the following components are incorporated into our programs:

  • Balance/Proprioception

  • Core strength and stability

  • Integrated Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Complex motor patterns/movements


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