Autoimmune Health

Autoimmune Disorders & Fitness:

Living with chronic joint or muscle pain, extreme fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weakness, nausea, headache, depression make it difficult enough to get through the day so, how are you suppose to exercise too?

Many people with autoimmune disorders will benefit from moderate, low-impact movements and physical activity can be of tremendous benefit to their quality of life. Movement is especially important when you have an autoimmune for several reasons: movement boosts physical energy; endorphin production is a natural painkiller; movement can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, and helps combat the depression and anxiety that also often accompany this chronic pain and illness.


When we create your individual Fitness + Wellness program, it is with a true understanding and compassion for those living with the challenges that accompany autoimmune disorders.

It is crucial we move at your pace! Not everyone’s experience of autoimmune disease symptoms is the same. Starting slowly and building at a pace that works for your body. Some days will be harder than others, we adjust your movements accordingly.


Low-impact movements are easier on your joints, back and knees. Active stretching, gentle functional movements; using larger muscle groups can help keep tissues healthy, while reducing pain and inflammation. Vibration sessions, soft tissue treatments, acupuncture are several of our services that will help you regain your life.

   Here are some things that can help you on your journey:

  • Keeping a journal of your daily activities, movements-exercise and food intake can help you see what benefits you most. If you find yourself overly exerted, you will see patterns start to emerge with when you have the most/ least amount of energy. Take these into consideration and adjust your routine accordingly.

  • Conserve your energy If you have an active autoimmune disorder you only have so much energy to spend in one day, you need to budget your time and energy as if it were money. Don’t over extend yourself or plan too many activities or appointments for one day. Prioritize self-care activities, like movement and stretching.

  • Avoid foods that cause inflammation. Many autoimmune disorders create inflammation in the body, which leads to muscle and joint pain, as well as fatigue.

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