Pelvicore & Procedos


626 FITNESS provides FUNctional education and the new biomechanically designed fitness product…the PELVICORE.

The Pelvicore is designed to improve CORE STRENGTH, PELVIC FLOOR STRENGTH and PELVIC GIRDLE MOBILITY. By improving the biomechanics throughout the PELVIC GIRDLE AND CORE, you will see a decrease in symptoms associated with incontinence.

We are in the process of conducting research to also see the impact of strengthening the PELVIC CORE AND HOW IT WILL effect other biomechanical problems. So far, we have seen positive results in the following dysfunctions: Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Balance Deficits.



Procedos Exercise System is built around the foundations of human movement. A variable system that fits all individuals. We are driven to deliver great results to our clients and associate movements pros world wide.

The Platform 9 from Procedos is an exercise system that has many years of research behind it. It offers comprehensive functional strategies for training, rehabilitation and conditioning. For personal trainers, Procedos also provides education, support and guidance.

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